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6th-7th-8th Grades Curriculum



Heavy emphasis is placed on learning Bible stories related to the study of the Ten Commandments, the Old and New Testaments, and the Lordís Prayer. Additional studies delve into typical; moral issues, peer pressure, making God Ė pleasing choices. 7th grade studies Holy Communion in the fall in preparation to receive th Sacrament in November. 8th grade is devoted to the study of Lutherís Small Catechism for Confirmation in May.

Reading Literature

Extensive reading of classic novels through all of the classrooms. Literacy analysis, comprehension, and understanding are the key components of these classes. The Accelerated Reader program guides studentís personal reading at levels appropriate to his/her skills. Graduates of our middle school have read in depth such classics as: Old Yeller, Number the Stars, A Wrinkle in Time, Old Man and the Sea, Diary of Anne Frank, To Kill a Mockingbird, A separate Peace and Hiding Place.


The six traits of good writing (voice, idea, organization, word choice, sentence fluency and mechanics) are emphasized in this program. Vocabulary lessons add synonym, antonyms and analogies to the students writing skills. Research skills are developed and integrated into the Computer curriculum.


Students are exposed to various computer software and develop computer skills to prepare them for high school. The computer curriculum allows for students to be able to design and present classroom projects through the use of PowerPoint and Publisher software. Chrome books are used on a one to one ratio.


Students focus on problem solving using several techniques. Basic operations are covered, including probability, rates, ratio, and geometry. Students will learn how to solve algebraic equations and inequalities, and work with linear and non-linear functions. Graphing of these linear equations plus work with binomials and trinomials. Reinforcement and review preciously learned math concepts along with the introduction of other math ideas, which are regularly emphasized. Through this approach students receive preparation for more advanced math procedures.


Our plan for science education emphasizes the following core disciplinary genres: Life Science Physical Science and Earth/Space Science. Listed below are areas of study for each grade level. These studies include but are not limited to the following:
6th grade-Properties of Matter and Energy and the Universe
7th grade-Structures and Functions of living systems and Earthís systems (structures and processes)
8th Grade Ė Genetics, Energy Transfer and Water

Geography, World and U.S. History

Heavily using maps, charts, and graph work, 6th grade students focus on the physical and cultural geography of the world. The 7th grade students study World History as it covers ancient civilizations. The 8th grade students study U.S. History in its different eraís. Students are examined on their knowledge of Illinois Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

Art, Music, Choir, and Physical Education

A variety of mediums are used in Art. Music and Choir expand student awareness and understanding of musical notation, rhythms, styles and purpose. Group and individual band lessons are also available. Physical activity explores group games, personal physical fitness and sportsmanship.




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