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Fourth Grade Curriculum



Using the Holy Bible, students recognize that we are all forgiven people. Bible study includes the Israelites, Moses, Paul, and Jesus as healer, preacher, and redeemer. Memory work is an integral part of the class.


A balanced program that increases studentís knowledge of vocabulary, comprehension, writing, fluency and spelling through the use of the Harcourt Trophies series and the Accelerated Reader program.


Grammar study that focuses on the parts of the speech and sentence structure is integrated through the use of daily writing activities as well as long term writing projects such as narratives, comparative, persuasive, explanatory, expository writing. The Harcourt Series is used.


The students continue to use technology to complete classroom writing assignments and math projects as well as a multimedia project. Students also learn how to write basic formulas for Excel and formatting tools to insert graphs in their spreadsheets.


Logic and problem solving are the backbone of the coursework. Geometry, data organization, numeration, measuring, and algebra are studied along with the mastery of four basic groups of multiplication math facts. The Harcourt Math series is used.


An integrated science program that includes hands on activities, reading skills and math. The students participate in a myriad of directed, guided, and full inquiry projects that support the study of life science, earth science, physical science and space technology using the Scott Foresman Science series.

Social Studies, Illinois History

Along with studying the cultural, historical, and geographical features of five regions of the United States, the fourth grade also spends considerable time studying and getting to know their own state, Illinois. Various reports and projects are a part of the learning method used.

Art, Music, Choir, and Physical Education

As in other grades a variety of mediums are used in Art. Music and Choir continue to expand student awareness and understanding of musical notation, rhythms, styles and purpose. Physical activity explores group games, personal physical fitness, and sportsmanship.




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