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Third Grade Curriculum



Students are introduced and exposed to key concepts of the Lutheran Christian faith. They will be able to read from the Bible and have a concept of chapter and verse. They will understand they are forgiven and not separated from God.

Reading/Language Arts

A variety of different types of literature are encountered. Reading comprehension, decoding, and vocabulary skills are emphasized. Creative writing with content and organization with awareness of grammatical mechanics is a high priority.


Continued practice in cursive is the emphasis of the first semester. Students will be expected to complete all written work in cursive during the second semester unless otherwise instructed.


Third grade students need to use mathematical concepts on a daily basis. Such concepts are implemented by developing skills as problem solving, using basic operations, identifying patterns, reading and writing numbers to 10,000, learning the basic multiplication facts, recognizing fractional parts of sets, and expanding upon their geometric concepts. An introduction to decimals and division occurs at this level.

Social Studies

Students understand that God created our world and therefore need to learn about landforms and natural resources. Skills in map reading, use of a globe, and other geographical skills are practiced. They will recognize communities are places where people live, work, and cooperate with each other to accomplish tasks and goals.


The students cover three units that involve the use of metric measurement, water and its properties, and structures of life which explores growth, survival, and reproduction of organisms. These units involve hands on approach to science using observation, communication, comparison skills, the organization of information, and the application of materials.


Besides continuing with word processing skills used for classroom projects and multimedia presentations, students are introduced to Microsoft Excel and they complete their first spreadsheet project, which includes graph.

Art, Music, Choir, and Physical Education

The concept that anyone can enjoy art is re-enforced as students work in a variety of mediums and projects. Music education continues to have a high place in the weekly life of students through classroom and choir activity. Further muscular strength occurs as students participate in a variety of games and drills. Sportsmanship is also emphasized.




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