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First Grade Curriculum



The daily curriculum emphasizes Jesusí love for each student. The focus incorporates Godís love for us as shown in His plan for our salvation. The Bible stories are enhanced through chapel worship, songs, prayers, books, video and hands on activities.


The curriculum nurtures emergent literacy, phonic skills, and emergent writing with a variety of literature, take home books, and journal writing, leading up to the studentís being able to appreciate the various forms of literature and begin reading on their own. The McMillan/McGraw-Hill program is used as a guide to ensure continuity with the next grades.


The curriculum introduces parts of speech, correct sentence formation and writing.


The curriculum targets reinforcement of key concepts in 1st grade. Use of various web sites.


Problem solving is key component of our Saxon Math program. Also addressed are skills such as addition, subtraction, calendar, money, time, graphs, measurement, fractions, place values, number patterns, and memorization of number facts.


Units of study include living things, habitats, weather, rocks/soil, states of matter, space/solar system, light/sound, magnets. Experiments are used to help in investigation.

Social Studies

Explore landforms, map skills, neighborhoods, different cultures, history, graphs, and charts, as first graders learn about their world.


Study current health issues such as healthy foods, bad drugs, taking care of our teeth, and taking care of our environment.

Art, Music, Choir, Physical Education

Each of these areas exposes children to physical and cultural experiences that continue to help them grow. A variety of media, activity, and musical skills are explored. The choir has several opportunities during the year to perform for groups.




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