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Our teachers here at St. Paul are fully certified by the Illinois State Board of Education. They continue their professional growth by attending regional and national conferences and pursing advanced degrees. The average years of teaching experience among our staff is 15. The student to teacher ratio is approximately 11:1. Because of our smaller class sizes, students receive more individualized attention and a focus on an education plan that fits their needs.



Angela Schlie

I am lucky to be able to go to a job that I love every day. Seeing the children as they walk in the school each morning is one of my favorite times of the day. God has led me here to St. Paul, to be the principal in this school and to work hard to continue its growth. I believe we have a phenomenal group of teachers and staff to lead the students every day in their walk with Christ. Providing an outstanding education is only a part of what we do here.


Mary Ellen Larson

I have always wanted to be a teacher. Watching children discover throughout the day is a true joy. The biggest blessing of all is teaching the students about Jesus.


Nancy Burden

God has blessed me to teach Kindergarten at St. Paul this year. I have only attended Lutheran Schools through all my education. In the past 28 school years, I have taught pre-school through 3rd grade in both public and Lutheran schools. I am excited to utilize my years of experience in Kindergarten. Every day is a new adventure in Kindergarten. The children’s love of Jesus and excitement to learn makes my job easy. I am looking forward to watching the children grow academically and more importantly spiritually this school year!

1st and 2nd Grades

Cindy Allor

I love working with the primary students and seeing their faith grow in their Lord and Savior. The students are like sponges soaking up information. We use different strategies in sharing information from working in whole group, small group and individual work. During the literacy and math times, there are centers available for the students to use. Learning is a hands–on experience.

3rd and 4th Grades

Kathleen Moravec

I thoroughly enjoy teaching 3rd and 4th graders. They love to learn and still enjoy being children at this age! It is great to see them progress through the year in their academics, their social and emotional well-being and most importantly in their faith in Jesus. It is important as an educator that I remember the words of Proverbs 22:6 and my responsibility for my students. "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

5th & 6th Grade Homeroom

Cora Wild

I treat others the way I would like to be treated and constantly put myself in other people's shoes. When I was a student, I practically lived at school between all of the sports, clubs, and activities I was involved in. All of these things taught me hard work, dedication, teamwork, determination, strength, perseverance, and balance which I bring to the classroom. Connections to real life help boost interest and progress so I strive to make learning fun and practical!

Math and Language Arts

Sara Aguilar

This will be my 9th year teaching and I am very excited about working with the children of St. Paul School teaching 8th grade math and 6th grade Reading and Language Arts! My philosophy for learning is that each child is unique and each child learns in a different way. I am currently studying for my Special Education Master’s degree at UIC. I love teaching, reading, and spending time with my two sons and my husband. I look forward to a great school year!

7th Grade

Kari Bentley

My entire teaching career has been in Lutheran education. Children are so important and I am so blessed to be able to not only teach them science and writing, but to share God's word and love with them. Those middle school children hold a special place in my heart. I am looking forward to serving St. Paul and the families here.

8th Grade

Stephanie Varner

Eighth graders are so fun to work with, and I have the pleasure of working with them every day. Creating an environment where learning is challenging and engaging while pushing students to be the best they can be is what I strive for. Middle School teachers have the unique opportunity to prepare students for the next step in education, and walking along side students through this process is a great joy for me!


Tim Degen

I am blessed to hold the positions of Minister of Music, Organist, and General Music Teacher at St. Paul Lutheran Church & School, Oak Lawn, IL. I teach weekly music classes to all students in Pre-K to 8th Grade using a curriculum that I have spent the past several years developing and fine tuning. I am in my 13th year of teaching music and have a deep passion for music education. I love watching students' faces when they “get” something, whether we are learning music theory, are in a choir rehearsal, or we are learning how to ring Handbells. I am blessed to be able to share my love of music here at St. Paul.


Martha Moeller

After learning that the band program was only offered by an outside service, I felt the need for St. Paul to have an in house program to better meet the needs of its students. So in 1999 I was given the opportunity to develop an in house band program from the ground up here at St. Paul. I enjoy working with the students especially when they are excited about learning a musical instrument. They are so excited to learn something new and having success on their instruments.

Religion and Confirmation Instruction

Pastor John Moeller

Pastor's Page


Extended Care Director

Lois Degen

I came to St. Paul when my husband, Tim and I moved to Oak Lawn from California. I began immediately as the Extended Care Director and substitute teacher. My whole adult life has been devoted to teaching and working with children in Lutheran Schools. I know that this is the purpose God has chosen for me in life and this is validated everyday through the sheer joy and passion I have for being here. I am truly blessed to serve staff, parents, and children at St. Paul and I pray that I will continue to grow and learn and be of service each and every day that grants me here at St. Paul.

Extended Care

Lori Freeze

Years ago, a plea appeared in our bulletin seeking a part-time early care worker. I addressed the need and have assisted the program since that date. I also assist in the summer program and vacation bible school. Every little child is a blessing to me. Their safety, assurance of being loved, comfort and their parents' assurance that their precious ones are cared for here are primary to me. I believe in Christian education, and I am blessed to be able to assist the staff and care for "our" children. There are benefits each day knowing that the families' needs are being filled by God's family. In my years at this role, I have moved from Mommy, to mom, to mother-in-law and most specially to Grammy. Thank you for sharing your little ones with me and giving me Joy!

Extended Care

Chris Harry

I began working at St. Paul by doing odd jobs around the school, such as setting up the computer lab and building desks. Now, I consistently work a couple of days a week in extended care. It is my pleasure to help the children with homework and assist in keeping them safe and happy. I am glad to be able to help out in any capacity as needed whether it’s for staff, parents or children.

Extended Care

Alicia Sanders

The reason why I choose to work at St. Paul is because I love the fact that St. Paul is a warm and inviting place. I love the secure environment that the school brings to the students and the community. The reason why I decided to work in my current role is because I enjoy working with children. I believe this position is a great starting point of my goal to become a teacher.


Administrative Assistant

Cindie Smith

I feel blessed to be in the school office every day, where I love interacting with the students, their families, and our staff. This is one office job that is never boring; there is always something happening! I could not ask for a better place to be. I am glad to see children learning about the love of Jesus, and I wish that all children could experience the spiritual and educational opportunities that St. Paul offers.


Nancy Bundley

What do I love most about working at St. Paul? For me it's stress free. I'm from the corporate world. I KNOW stress! I'm always busy and I like that. I enjoy having a great relationship with all of the staff and getting to know the children and their families!! What made me decide to work here? Well, it was an answered prayer. My home situation changed after my husband’s stroke. So, I asked God for ANY job which would allow me to work flexible hours on a part-time basis and would understand when I needed to be away to care for my husband. Actually it was not my decision, it was, and still is my gift.



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